John delivers his strategies through a variety of different options to suit different athletes.

Individual consultation

John sees people across the world via virtual meeting apps such as skype or Zoom meeting. His schedule is available for you to book a convenient time based on your local time.

He is available for face to face sessions in Sydney with clients flying in nationally and internationally.

Session delivery:

Enquire now, to see if you qualify and to book in a session with John.

  •  Face to face
  • Video conferencing- Skype, Zoom
  • Mindset Contracts- We have a variety of session packages to suit your needs. Additionally, many athletes prefer to have consistent support and training over the long term. John has a number of contract options with differing levels of input for 1-3 years.


  • Mind Game Needs Analysis
  • Comprehensive mindset training
  • Tailored Mind Game Plans
  • Comp day Messaging- WhatsApp/ text/ Voxer etc
  • Reviews- Shot reviews
  • Game Reviews
  • Life coaching
  • Career planning and transitioning
  • Athlete branding and marketing
  • Sports management

Coach consultation / mentoring

John works closely with a range of coaches on the mindset of individual athletes and teams at all levels of sport. 

  • Face to face
  • Video conferencing- Skype, Zoom


Sports Team or Group Sessions

Book a speech, series of speeches or regular mindset sessions for your team. Available face to face in Sydney or via video link internationally.

  • Workshops / Webinars
  • Speeches

Mind gym- Sports Mindset hacks

 – online mindset weekly tips / training

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NRL premiership Glory

In 2011, John worked closely with the Manly’s first grade team on a multitude of Mindset strategies, motivation, positivity, team cohesion and best-self skills. This culminated in Manly winning the grand final against the Warriors.


We offer a range of courses and packages for mindset training and coaching sessions for a wide variety of different sports, different sports levels (state, national, international), coaches and parents/family. 

  • Champion sport mindset course
  • Champion Swimming mindset
  • Champion Golf Mindset
  • Sports mindset hacks for coaches


John has various Sports Mindset books available at our shop.

Download your free 1st Chapter of his best-selling Sports Mindset book- BE the Champion

Business & Sponsorship

John has extensive experience in corporate speaking within the areas of mindset, wellbeing, resilience in business, developing a positive corporate culture. As a mentor, he works closely with business owners and CEO’s, executives or HR to review the business’ performance in these areas and implement practical strategies to effectively address tailored areas for businesses and their staff.

  • Business speeches
  • Business coaching / mentoring


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Your Next Steps

In sport, its 80% mind and 20% body. At the top in any sport, the most successful athletes are not only physically talented, they have the mindset of a champion. If you are looking for the edge in your sporting career speak to us today about where you are at and what you would like to achieve.