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‘It’s about training yourself into that positive mindset and realising what a difference it can make. Whether it’s feedback from the players or giving back positive energy to them, you start to be on that positive wave-length together and it creates a different energy.’

Since working with John (2011-2016) I have won back to back world championship gold medals, four Commonwealth games medals including two gold and an Olympic bronze medal. I would highly recommend John Novak to any sports person or professional of any field.

John Novak allowed me to bring my focus back to what is important and not let outside factors take or consume mental and physical energy that could take away from my on field performance. Distractions off the field are not worth the time and energy to focus on or fight. By being your best self and focusing on what works for you and how to improve this allows you to reproduce world class performances every time.  Looking forward to working on a program that allows umpires to be consistent like self actualised athletes.

John and The Boomerang Effect has completely transformed my mindset and approach to not only my sport but my life to become my best self. Sport, at the elite level is filled with constant challenges and adversity, and it’s often easy to fall into a negative mindset or unhelpful cycle. This can become a block to unleashing your full potential.

The boomerang effect has equipped me with the tools and strategies to eliminate negativity in my training and games. Most importantly it has helped me to attack any adversity that will come with a positive response and complete focus and self-awareness on a positive mindset. John has helped me to work towards mastering a process that helps me to be my absolute best self on the field in every moment. The answers to break negative cycles and to believe you are limitless are all in the boomerang effect it simply requires the athlete’s discipline and initiative to put words and strategies available into action. Being disciplined in your mindset, especially amidst adversity is the breakthrough point in this program and it has impacted me greatly.
John is an incredible person who not only understands what it takes to compete at the highest level but is an amazing facilitator in helping you understand you are limitless and the strategies you need to help you reach your full potential. His entire philosophy targets the core needs of an athlete when they are faced with adversity and there is no other program like it. John understands that mastering the mental side of sport can take you to levels you never thought possible. Thanks to his program I have a renewed understanding of myself and the strategies I need to compete at the highest level and reach my full potential. It’s an incredible journey. 

John Novak is an integral contributor and supporter to myself and my journey, both on and off the Rugby League field.

John has given me the tools and taught me how to use them in any situation, determine what is holding me back and what I need to do in order to move forward.

He helped me understand what resilience is, and see that my potential is limitless. This knowledge and skill set is something that I use in all aspects of my life, and is now part of my ethos.

His energy and passion for life is contagious and am I grateful for his wisdom, teachings and friendship.

I am an Olympic Diver and I’ve been seeing John since 2014. Prior to starting with John I experienced a high level of competition anxiety, despite being a very experienced competitor. I had seen several sports psychologists with no results.

John has such a different perspective and I immediately felt like he was a good fit for me. I worked closely with John to begin with and I left every consult feeling more positive about diving and life in general. The Boomerang Effect and the way John implements it has completely changed my mindset both in and out of competition. John gave me the tools to control my environment and emotions so that I am now able to overcome any adversity. John goes above and beyond and has been there any time I have needed him.

The Boomerang Effect is something quite unique and it has had a profound effect on my sporting career.

My name is Samantha Dirks and I represented Belize in track and field in the 2017 London World Championship and 2021 Tokyo Olympics. I worked with Johnny for a shorter part of a really mentally challenging year for me leading to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. I had lost interest in my sport of Track and field and competing in general. My family found Johnny and connected me with him and from the very first conversation, I felt so much lighter. We got to know each other and I began to look forward to our conversations every week. He taught me a lot about trusting the work I have put in and believing in myself and my abilities. I had lost that trust and fell into a slump with my competition. After preparing mentally with Johnny for only a few months I had a seasons best in all of my disciplines! Not only did he help me elevate my mental for my sport but also my relationships with family and friends. I because so much more positive and I’ll carry that forever! Thank you so much Johnny!

I have been working with John for a number of years now and he has helped me through a range of challenges from golf to studies, to my overall life. For example, I have applied the Boomerang Effect to not only take my golf to the division 1 American college system but also in my studies through the HSC and college, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I am grateful for the place’s life has taken me and it could not have been possible without John’s professional assistance. His knowledge and dedication to me has been incredible and consistent from day one to present. Every time after I talk to John, I am clear on “my way” that John and I have developed, and I feel ready to take on any challenge that I may face. I am beyond thankful for the time and effort John has put into me, always leaving his door (phone) open for me, even when he has his own life to live. I highly recommend John not only as a sports mindset coach but also as a friend.

Your Next Steps

In sport, its 80% mind and 20% body. At the top in any sport, the most successful athletes are not only physically talented, they have the mindset of a champion. If you are looking for the edge in your sporting career speak to us today about where you are at and what you would like to achieve.