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Here’s What athletes, coaches and Business say about John Novak


From the first conversation I had with John, I immediately felt more driven, more inspired, and more courageous. He is an empowering, transformational leader and coach, who will truly change your life. John gets to the core and essence of who you are; he awakens your limitless potential and helps you harness this to be your best self, in every breath. Since working with John, I am more confident, I’m a more authentic leader and I see possibilities that I didn’t see before. He is both spiritual and strategic, and in his 1:1 sessions, he guides you towards achieving your goals and incredible personal and professional growth. He is one of a kind and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

‘During his time at the Bulldogs, we were in two grand finals and John’s program was a very important element in this achievement. John is an experienced and proven mind management professional and would be an asset to a sporting team, an individual athlete or a corporate who is looking to unlock their potential.’

Providing a testimonial for John Novak is one of the hardest tasks I could think of, as where do I start? Johns amazing energy & positivity but the key being his real experience of being a top athlete himself, discipline of 3 Dan black belt karate and successful businessman – john is walking proof the information he shares is one of the doors to success.

From our older golfers to our junior cadet program – john provides a entertaining and highly motivating speech but also simple steps to utilise in your daily routines!

The intensity and structure of sporting competition is in many ways a wonderful metaphor for business life. John Novak’s remarkable success in working with sporting champions and champion teams demonstrates the validity of his approach, a success that will translate directly to business. The Boomerang Effect approach will no doubt be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and other business leaders working to translate their business visions to reality and enable value creation.

John’s work over the past 20 years in bringing together the Boomerang Effect provides a powerful structured tool for business and sports champions to change the way they think and operate to be more present, positive and success based; to remove limited mindsets and to allow breakthrough.

The Boomerang Effect program (by John Novak) has been run at Concept Projects Pty Ltd for the last 3 years and whilst business was good before the program, we have really seen a shift in everyone’s mental toughness and wellbeing which we attribute to the Boomerang Effect. It has really taught the company the power of being POSITIVE, not in a kooky way but in a practical way. It has improved decision making both at work and in everyone’s home life. It brings a support system to the workplace to deal with adversity and teach you how to overcome anything in a positive and powerful way.

Your Next Steps

In sport, its 80% mind and 20% body. At the top in any sport, the most successful athletes are not only physically talented, they have the mindset of a champion. If you are looking for the edge in your sporting career speak to us today about what you would like to achieve.